About us and our business

A leading company in the manufacture of high-quality metal products and metal treatment

Istra Apparatus

Istra Apparatus d.o.o. was established in 2010 and is located in the Pićan Municipality Industrial Zone in Central Istria.

The core business of Istra Apparatus d.o.o. is manufacturing metal frames and finished conference and restaurant type chairs.

A substantial portion of our production volume is exported to some fifteen European Union states where we export over 90% of our products every month.

Mission and Vision

Satisfy our customers’ needs by providing functionally designed and highly ergonomic furniture.

Monitor our customers’ needs on an ongoing basis and implement new products for the purpose of increasing our production and employment rates.

Manufacturing process

Our products are manufactured in a manufacturing plant covering 4,500 m2, using human labor and manufacturing robots in our manufacturing process. We offer each product in a painted and plasticized version and a chrome version, and our painting process uses and high-capacity electrostatic painting line. We presently employ 45 people trained to work with metal. Our quality control and assurance activities are performed by professionals, starting from the manufacturing process to programming and product completion, for the purpose of satisfying the market demand and our customers.
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