Quality and reliability as part of our daily business

We use automated machines containing deburring devices.
We use several software-operated bending machines for left and right bends. We treat pipes of different profiles: oval, round, rectangular, square and ellipsoidal.
We use a 3D bending machine including an automated loader and an automated conveyor belt for transferring treated parts. We are able to bend ø16, ø18, ø20, ø22 and ø25 round pipes, 30x15 oval pipes, and 30x15 and 40x20 ellipsoidal pipes.
We weld manually and using an ABB robot, add wire protected by CO2 or argon, and use autogenous soldering.
We have a high-capacity painting facility for large and small pieces of iron, including 12 automated epoxy powder applying devices.
We use several upholstering machines and are able to produce large volumes of upholstered furniture.
To be able to produce as many metal frames as possible, we use a plastic cap mounting machine, while final products are assembled using special chair assembling machines.

Our products

  • Office chairs
  • Conference chairs
  • Bar/restaurant chairs
  • Metal chair frames
  • Metal table frames
  • Various components made of pipes and metal sheets
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